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About Us

QCNA Certified Nursing Assistant Training

About Quality CNA Training

Who are we?

Quality CNA Training is one of Wisconsin’s top Certified Nursing Assistant training organizations. We have a passion for empowering our students to better themselves with a career in the medical field. We do this by giving them every tool necessary to become successful in any medical setting.

What do we do?

Quality CNA Training strives to provide our students with the best quality CNA training. We connect students with financial assistance programs that allow many of them to receive training at little to no cost to them. We also provide resources to help our students find employment after graduation.

What is our promise?

Our promise is to provide the best quality CNA training at a reasonable cost, empowering those who want to better themselves and get a fresh start. We will direct our students to any and all financial assistance programs so that they can receive our training for the lowest cost possible. Our wish is to help our students succeed, and we will do anything within our power to make sure they get into this highly rewarding career.

There’s No “I” in “TEAM”

Our dedicated Nursing Assistant Instructors partner with students so they master each CNA skill. Each Instructor is focused, caring, empathetic, and an expert in the nursing field. They help each of their students reach success by ensuring they have all the knowledge necessary to become a great CNA.

We’re always looking for enthusiastic, compassionate, and professional-minded nurses to join our team. Learn more about becoming a valuable part of our team as a Nursing Assistant Instructor.

Our Approach

Our Certified Nursing Assistant Training program students are taught through a variety of learning styles including visual, verbal and hands on. In addition to in-class activities, we give each student the opportunity to receive one-on-one instruction outside of class to help master their skills. Due to our comprehensive approach, 97% of our students have successfully completed the Wisconsin NNAAP Exam.

Our ideal students are at least 16 years of age, with a reading comprehension of at least an 8th grade level. Students enthusiastic about offering quality care are usually the most successful in our program. Learn more about our Quality CNA Training course.

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Taking this program has helped open up a lot of new possibilities in the healthcare field.

Quality CNA Training has been very supportive in helping me get started. – A.B. La Crosse Student

I couldn’t have financially afforded the class on my own.

The Quality CNA staff were very supportive and were able to help me find the funding. Now I have a full time job and an apartment of my own. N.B Waupaca Student

Taking this class made me realize how valuable a good CNA is.

I am looking forward to making a difference for my clients. – C. F. La Crosse Student

Great instructors and training program.

I would recommend it to anyone. – Z.A. Monona Student

This class really prepared me for the State Exam.

Passed on the first time. 🙂 – H.P  Monona Student

The Quality CNA Training staff are very caring of all of their students.

It made me feel like I was part of a team. – G.M. Kaukauna Student

My instructors made this class so memorable and enjoyable.

– N.K. New Glarus Student

My instructors gave me so much knowledge and encouragement.

– S.H. New Glarus Student

The one-on-one time with the instructors was extremely helpful.

– M.K. New Glarus Student

Great learning and fun experience.

– F.B New Glarus Student

I am not very book smart. My instructor noticed I was struggling

with the exams and allowed me to come into class early each day to help me so that I could graduate with the rest of the class. C.T. Waupaca Student

Thanks to this program I have just set myself up for a positive future.

– M.B Waupaca

I was truly feeling overwhelmed.  My instructor’s positive attitude and reassurance

that I wasn’t alone helped me successfully pass this class. – B.Z. La Crosse Student

I have always enjoyed helping people. After taking this class

I discovered that working as a CNA is extremely gratifying.-  B.A La Crosse Student

Taking this class has made it possible for me

to find a full-time job with health insurance for me and my daughter. – T.S. La Crosse Student

The staff at Quality CNA Training went out of their way to help me

find funding for this class. I couldn’t have afforded it without their help. – G.B. Waupaca Student

At the end of the program I felt very confident in taking care of residents.

— C.M Monona Student

Our instructor really taught us how to work as a team to complete each task.

– M.O. Monona Student

My instructor was really good at answering my questions

and was always very supportive.  – B.E. La Crosse Student

My instructors did an outstanding job teaching.

They made the class very enjoyable. – L.A. Kaukauna Student

I really enjoyed this program.

Our class was a lot of fun. – S.P. Kaukauna Student

[This class] was amazing, professional and encouraging.

-F.S. Waupaca Student

The training taught me everything I needed to know to be a great CNA.

-T.C. Manitowoc Student

The course was Amazing.

-H.W. Manitowoc Student

I really enjoyed doing the classes here. The instructors were great and helpful.

– M.K. Manitowoc Student

The class was really well taught.

The facility staff and residents were really nice and understanding of our learning experience. – A.V. Manitowoc Student

I had an amazing experience being in this program.

The instructors went above and beyond. – A.C. Kaukauna Student

I loved the stories and life lessons that the instructor taught us.

  • J.L. La Crosse Student