CPR, First Aid, & CBRF Course Application

CPR, First Aid, & CBRF Course Application

Thank you for your interest in our CPR, First Aid, and CBRF courses! Please fill out the form below to apply. If you are interested in a class for a large group, please contact our Student Services Coordinator Tanya Christianson at (715) 902-1746 or Tanya@QualityCNATraining.com.

Payment Information


If paying by money order, please note that no personal checks are accepted. Please send your money order to:

Quality CNA Training LLC
9591 Ash Lane
Fremont, WI 54940

If paying by credit card, please contact Tanya Christianson, Student Services Coordinator, at (715) 902-1746. For the safety of your personal information, do not send us your credit card information via email.

NOTE: All payments are nonrefundable.