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Potential Funding Resources - Madison

Madison Area Potential Funding Resources

One of our goals at Quality CNA Training is to not only provide great training, but also connect our students with funding resources so they can receive their training at little to no cost. For any potential students in the Madison area, please review the funding resources below see if you qualify. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

Madison Area Nursing Homes

These facilities have developed a program to help cover the cost of CNA training for individuals that are interested in working within their locations. If interested, please visit each facility’s website for more information.

WorkSmart Network

WorkSmart Network offers funding for out of school youth ages 18 – 24 living in Dane, Colombia, Marquette, Sauk, Jefferson, and Dodge Counties. Visit the WorkSmart Network website to find your local contact.

Central Wisconsin Community Action Council

The Central Wisconsin Community Action Council offers assistance to individuals throughout Juneau, Adams, Dodge, Sauk, and Columbia Counties. Applicants must be working at least 20 hours per week to qualify. For more information, call 608-254-8353 or visit


UMOS offers assistance for individuals with an agricultural work background. They also have programs for those who are dependents of parents who have worked in agricultural during the past 2 years. These work backgrounds include crops, cannery, dairy, nurseries, poultry, Christmas trees/wreaths, farm animal care, greenhouse, hay bailing or any other related farm work.

Applicants to the UMOS program must be a U.S. citizen or a legal resident at least 18 years of age. For locations in your area, please visit the UMOS website.

Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development

The Department of Workforce Development offers scholarships and financial assistance programs to displaced workers, workers with disabilities, and many others. For more information on their programs, visit the Job Center of Wisconsin Training and Education page, or visit your local Job Center office.

Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR)

Funding is available statewide for individuals with temporary or permanent disabilities. For more information, call 800-442-3477 or visit the DVR website.

Forward Service Corporation

Founded in 1979, Forward Service Corporation helps low-income adults and youth start their careers. Visit their website or call 608-244-3526 to learn more about their programs and see which ones you qualify for.

Wisconsin FoodShare Employment and Training (FSET)

FSET is a free program that helps FoodShare members build their job skills and find jobs. Visit the FSET website for more information.

Quality CNA Training has been very supportive in helping me get started. – A.B. La Crosse Student

The Quality CNA staff were very supportive and were able to help me find the funding. Now I have a full time job and an apartment of my own. N.B Waupaca Student

I am looking forward to making a difference for my clients. – C. F. La Crosse Student

I would recommend it to anyone. – Z.A. Monona Student

Passed on the first time. 🙂 – H.P  Monona Student

It made me feel like I was part of a team. – G.M. Kaukauna Student

– N.K. New Glarus Student

– S.H. New Glarus Student

– M.K. New Glarus Student

– F.B New Glarus Student

with the exams and allowed me to come into class early each day to help me so that I could graduate with the rest of the class. C.T. Waupaca Student

– M.B Waupaca

that I wasn’t alone helped me successfully pass this class. – B.Z. La Crosse Student

I discovered that working as a CNA is extremely gratifying.-  B.A La Crosse Student

to find a full-time job with health insurance for me and my daughter. – T.S. La Crosse Student

find funding for this class. I couldn’t have afforded it without their help. – G.B. Waupaca Student

— C.M Monona Student

– M.O. Monona Student

and was always very supportive.  – B.E. La Crosse Student

They made the class very enjoyable. – L.A. Kaukauna Student

Our class was a lot of fun. – S.P. Kaukauna Student

-F.S. Waupaca Student

-T.C. Manitowoc Student

-H.W. Manitowoc Student

– M.K. Manitowoc Student

The facility staff and residents were really nice and understanding of our learning experience. – A.V. Manitowoc Student

The instructors went above and beyond. – A.C. Kaukauna Student

  • J.L. La Crosse Student