CBRF First Aid with Choking Course

CBRF First Aid with Choking Course

As a member of a team you have various roles and responsibilities when it comes to emergency situations. It is important for you to take these roles and responsibilities seriously in order to save lives in the event of an emergency. Your role is to provide immediate, lifesaving, medical care before the arrival of emergency medical assistance. First aid may also be used for minor incidents that do not require outside assistance. Incidents that require first aid include physical injury or illness. This program is designed to teach you what to do in many of the common emergency situations that may arise in a community setting.

CBRF First Aid with Choking Course Objectives

After taking this Community Based Residential Facility (CBRF) course, participants will:


  • Know their role as an employee in an emergency
  • Be able to provide basic first aid in emergencies until help arrives
  • Understand how to alleviate choking
  • Be able to identify different types of emergencies and how to respond to them
  • Learn basic prevention methods to avoid emergency situations

CBRF First Aid with Choking Course Length

The CBRF First Aid with Choking course consists of four (4) hours of online instruction.

Intended Audience

We encourage individuals who are seeking employment or are currently employed at a CBRF facility in the State of Wisconsin.

Upcoming Classes

PLEASE NOTE: We are more than happy to create a course for specific needs, but due to limited availability, we are not currently running regularly scheduled CBRF First Aid with Choking courses. If you are in need of or interested in sponsoring a course, the minimum number of students needed for the class to run is six (6). Please call our main office at 715-902-1746 to discuss further options and schedule training. 


CBRF First Aid with Choking Course: $100


CBRF All Four Course Bundle: $365.50


*Special pricing may be available for current or previous Quality CNA Training Nurse Aide students. Please contact us for more information.