American Heart Association Heartsaver First Aid Course

Heartsaver First Aid Course

The goal of the Heartsaver first aid course is to prepare participants to handle the most common life-threatening emergencies. Participants will learn the basics of recognizing emergencies, knowing when to call for help, and performing both basic and lifesaving skills. As a result, participants who complete this course will be certified by the American Heart Association® (AHA®) as a First Aid Provider. An American Heart Association certification eCard is also provided upon completion.
AHA Heartsaver First Aid (HS-FA) | Quality CNA Training of Wisconsin

Heartsaver First Aid Course Objectives

In this course, participants learn how to:


  • Recognize and handle medical emergencies
  • Manage illness and injury until professional help arrives
  • Relieve choking in adults, children, and infants
  • Handle environmental emergencies


*This course does not satisfy requirements for anyone needing CPR/AED certification, though our Basic Life Support course does fulfill this requirement. Learn more about our Basic Life Support course.

Heartsaver First Aid Course Length

The Heartsaver First Aid course consists of three (3) hours on online instruction.

Intended Audience

We encourage employees and students required to have a first aid certification to take this class. This class is also great for members of the general public looking to learn first aid basics.


*This is not the Healthcare Provider CPR certification required by hospitals and nursing programs. Learn more about our Basic Life Support course.

Upcoming Classes

PLEASE NOTE: We are more than happy to create a course for specific needs, but due to limited availability, we are not currently running regularly scheduled Heartsaver First Aid courses. If you are in need of or interested in sponsoring a course, the minimum number of students needed for the class to run is six (6). Please call our main office a t 715-902-1746 to discuss further options and schedule training. 


Heartsaver First Aid: $35

Heartsaver First Aid/Basic Life Support Bundle: $70