Top Five Reasons to Take a Quality CNA Training Course

We get it– deciding whether or not to start your certified nursing assistant training is no easy task. There are a lot of factors to consider and time is of the essence. Now, we may be juuuust a little biased, but we believe becoming a CNA is a fantastic way to better yourself and your future. If you’ve been looking for a push in the right direction, you’ve come to the right place. Here are the top five reasons why you should take a Quality CNA Training course. 

  1. Our Success is in Our Numbers. It’s important to find a training program that works for you and your needs, and our custom program is proud of our successful course graduates. We ensure that each and every student receives proper, focused training and can perform each task on the state nurse aide (NAAPP) exam. In fact, 97% of our students pass the NAAPP exam and become successful CNAs! We don’t rely on rigid online programming to teach you the skills you need– in fact, a majority of our primary instructors got their start in healthcare as CNAs, so they have the knowledge and experience necessary to train you properly. 
  2. Make an Impact in Healthcare and Your Community. If you’re interested in a healthcare career, but not sure where to begin, becoming a CNA is a great start! State certified nursing assistants can work in nursing homes, hospitals, and private home care. CNAs directly impact the lives of their residents and patients (not to mention their family members), and each day is more rewarding than the last. There is a nationwide shortage of CNAs, so the timing has never been better to become one! 
  3. Set Yourself Up for Future Career Opportunities. Did you know higher education and training programs often require that applicants have their CNA license? Becoming a CNA ensures that you have prerequisites out of the way before you pursue, say, your RN license. Plus, some facilities offer educational training reimbursement programs for CNAs to obtain higher certifications and licenses. By having this baseline of experience in healthcare, CNAs have a whole world of career and educational opportunities at their fingertips. 
  4. Our Training is Affordable, Fast, and In-Person. In Wisconsin, some training programs cost upwards of $2,000, just for access to video lectures. Quality CNA Training courses cost just $650, and our classes are hybrid learning, so you can enjoy in-person lectures in small groups, as well as online learning that can be done flexibly on your own time. In just 75 hours, our training program is designed to help you become a CNA fast and affordably. If tuition is a concern, check out potential funding resources across the state! 
  5. We Want to Set YOU Up for Success. At the end of the day, we’re all about you, the student. There are no work contracts, agreements, or stipulations (other than classroom terms and conditions, of course!) when you sign up to take a Quality CNA Training course. You can find work opportunities that benefit you, and receive state-approved training that will prepare you a career in long-term care. We’re here for you if you ever need one-on-one assistance, and even when you graduate our course, we still frequently share job opportunities, course graduate highlights, and free giveaways for CNAs like you across the state. 

Alright, now you’ve got the fast facts– are you ready to take the final steps and sign up for a Quality CNA Training course? Get started now, or contact our main office! 

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