CNA Training Made Free (or Pretty Darn Close!)

Listen, we get it– life ain’t cheap, and neither is tuition for all sorts of programs and career paths. While Quality CNA Training is one of the most affordable programs in Wisconsin at just $650, we’re here to give you even more information about potential funding resources to help you achieve your career dreams! 

1. Employer Sponsorship

Yup, you read that right! If you already work in long-term care, odds are your employer has tuition reimbursement programs, or will sponsor you to take your CNA training. Quality CNA Training frequently accepts sponsored students from all over Wisconsin. This is a great option to learn while still working. Check out our location-specific Potential Funding Resources to view just some of the facilities that will sponsor your tuition! 

2. School Sponsorship

If you’re still in high school, never fear! Many schools offer funding for programs like ours (and more!). Talk to your guidance counselor or main office to learn if your school offers funding for students like you. 

3. WisCaregiver Careers 

Not working at a long-term care facility quite yet? WisCaregiver Careers offers complete funding for course tuition, the state testing fee, and even a retention bonus by connecting you with a potential employer in your area– the choice is yours! The process is online and free to you. Visit the WisCaregiver Careers website to learn more.

4. Forward Service Corporation

Founded in 1979, Forward Service Corporation helps low-income adults and youth start their careers. You can learn more about their programs and which ones you qualify for by visiting their website or calling 608-244-3526.

5. Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development 

The Department of Workforce Development offers scholarships and financial assistance programs to displaced workers, workers with disabilities, and many others. You can learn more about these opportunities by visiting their website.

Still interested in even more options? Call our main office at 715-902-1746 or email us!

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