Learn the Art of Caregiving

from experienced Registered Nurses in as little as two weeks! Quality CNA Training offers one of THE best comprehensive, affordable Certified Nurse Aide training courses in Wisconsin.

Our Success is in Our Numbers

We ensure that each and every student knows all concepts, and can perform each task on the state nurse aide (NAAPP) exam. 

92% of our students pass the NAAPP exam and become successful CNAs.

Quality CNA Training of Wisconsin | A Rewarding Career is Only a Click Away
Our Students Come First

In our Nurse Aide training course, we teach using a variety of learning styles so that anyone who steps in the classroom can perfect their skills. 

We give each student the opportunity to receive one-on-one instruction outside of class to help master skills.

Quality CNA Training of Wisconsin | Helping Students Reach their Goals
We Offer Financial Support

In addition to keeping prices low, we make our training even more achievable by connecting students with potential funding resources. 73% of our students take our training at little or no cost to them.