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Our Quality CNA Training La Crosse site is located inside Shelby Terrace Residence for Seniors. A special thank you to our partner Bethany St. Joseph Corporation for inviting us to use their Shelby Terrace facility for classes and clinicals.

***Please note that our locations are only open when classes are in progress. If you would like to talk with us about our program, feel free to contact us.

Primary Instructor

Primary Instructors for CNA Courses | Quality CNA Training, LLC
Amanda Bratager, R.N.
Primary Instructors for CNA Courses | Quality CNA Training, LLC
Jen Nielsen, R.N.

Check back soon to learn more about your Quality CNA Training primary instructor, Amanda!

Check back soon to learn more about your Quality CNA Training primary instructor, Jen!

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CNA Training - La Crosse

Courses Offered

The Nurse Aide Training course is the core of what we’re about: empowering students to better themselves with a career in the medical field. However, we also offer several other courses that students can take to learn more as they progress through their careers. Check out our American Heart Association® and Community Based Residential Facility (CBRF) courses to learn more about advancing your caregiving skills.

Potential Funding Resources

Part of our promise to our students is to direct them to any and all financial assistance programs so they can receive our training for the lowest possible cost. We believe money should not be a barrier between you and the next step in your career, so we’ve compiled a list of resources for them to find programs they qualify for. Learn more about potential funding resources in the La Crosse area.

CNA Job Openings Near La Crosse

Our goal is to not only help students obtain their CNA Certification, but to also find employment after completing our class. Use our CNA Careers page to help you find employment in the La Crosse area.

Taking this program has helped open up a lot of new possibilities in the healthcare field.

Quality CNA Training has been very supportive in helping me get started. – A.B. La Crosse Student

Taking this class made me realize how valuable a good CNA is.

I am looking forward to making a difference for my clients. – C. F. La Crosse Student

I was truly feeling overwhelmed.  My instructor’s positive attitude and reassurance

that I wasn’t alone helped me successfully pass this class. – B.Z. La Crosse Student

I have always enjoyed helping people. After taking this class

I discovered that working as a CNA is extremely gratifying.-  B.A La Crosse Student

Taking this class has made it possible for me

to find a full-time job with health insurance for me and my daughter. – T.S. La Crosse Student

My instructor was really good at answering my questions

and was always very supportive.  – B.E. La Crosse Student

I loved the stories and life lessons that the instructor taught us.

  • J.L. La Crosse Student