Our Quality CNA Training Manitowoc site is located inside Manitowoc Health and Rehabilitation. A special thank you to our partners Manitowoc Health and Rehabilitation and Shady Lane for inviting us to use their facilities for classes and clinicals.

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***Please note that our locations are only open when classes are in progress. If you would like to talk with us about our program, feel free to contact us.

Primary Instructors

Hillary Johnson, Primary Instructor Manitowoc CNA Courses | Quality CNA Training, LLC
Hillary Johnson, R.N.

Hillary has been a primary instructor with Quality CNA Training since 2018, and was inspired to explore healthcare after a career exam in high school told her she should be a nurse.


“Before that, I had never really put any thought into what I wanted to really do with my career. I took my CNA class the next fall and I fell in love with healthcare. Since that moment, I have never wanted to do anything else!”


Hillary’s favorite part of teaching is watching her students succeed and love what they do. She enjoys seeing her fully certified students out there, working and making a difference in the world.


Hillary is the primary instruction at our Manitowoc location.

Quality CNA Training Manitowoc Primary RN Instructor | QCNAT
Jackie Hilke, R.N.

Jackie has been an instructor with Quality CNA Training since 2019. She became a CNA and entered healthcare for guaranteed job stability. Soon, Jackie “started to love helping take care of people, and now I couldn’t imagine doing anything else!”


Her favorite part of teaching is watching students learn and grow from the first day of class. “The confidence they gain by the end of class is amazing to witness!”

Jackie aides instruction at our Manitowoc location.

Courtney Koski, R.N.

Courtney joined Quality CNA Training as a Primary Instructor at the end of 2021.

Courtney started her career in healthcare nearly five years ago, working first as a patient care technician handing out medication. 

“I wanted to do something that was helpful and not behind a desk,” she says.

Her favorite part of teaching Quality CNA Training courses is teaching the basics. 

“They’re the building blocks for all forms of care and helping patients anywhere!” she adds. 

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Potential Funding Resources in Manitowoc

Part of our promise to our students is to direct them to any and all financial assistance programs so they can receive our training for the lowest possible cost. We believe money should not be a barrier between you and the next step in your career, so we’ve compiled a list of resources for them to find programs they qualify for. Learn more about potential funding resources in the Manitowoc area.

CNA Job Openings in Manitowoc

Our goal is to not only help students obtain their CNA Certification, but to also find employment after completing our class. Use our CNA Careers page to help you find employment in the Manitowoc area.

The training taught me everything I needed to know to be a great CNA.

-T.C. Manitowoc Student

The course was Amazing.

-H.W. Manitowoc Student

I really enjoyed doing the classes here. The instructors were great and helpful.

– M.K. Manitowoc Student

The class was really well taught.

The facility staff and residents were really nice and understanding of our learning experience. – A.V. Manitowoc Student