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Our Quality CNA Training Kaukauna site is located inside St. Paul Elder Services. A special thank you to our partner, St. Paul Elder Services, for inviting us to use their facility for classes and clinicals, as well as providing a funding resource opportunity for our students.

Kaukauna CNA Training Location: St. Paul Elder Services | Quality CNA Training, LLC

***Please note that our locations are only open when classes are in progress. If you would like to talk with us about our program, feel free to contact us.

Primary Instructors

Trish D., R.N.

Trish is a valued Quality CNA Training instructor with over 25 years of experience in healthcare. 


“I’ve always been drawn to healthcare, but what drew me to being a nurse is being an advocate for others and educating them so they can make informed decisions,” she shares. 


Trish’s favorite part of teaching for Quality CNA Training is “helping students see what they are capable of and figuring out what their best learning style is.” 

Amanda Janssen, Primary Instructor Kaukauna CNA Courses | Quality CNA Training, LLC
Amanda Janssen, R.N.

Amanda has been a Quality CNA Training Primary Instructor since 2020.


Her interest in healthcare stems from her desire to “change the life of at least one patient and their family through providing quality,

 compassionate healthcare as a nurse; I wanted to be an instructor to teach those same values.”


She loves helping students achieve their goals by building their career and serving as a stepping-stone on their academic and professional journeys through her instruction. 

Gina Rosin, Class Instructor | Quality CNA Training, Kaukauna
Gina Waterworth, R.N.

Gina has been in healthcare for a decade, and is a dedicated Quality CNA Training instructor.

At 38, she was looking for a new career and was advised to join healthcare. 

Her favorite part of teaching for Quality CNA Training is “feeling the enthusiasm of the students wanting to learn and embrace a career in healthcare. It rejuvenates me every week in the classroom!” 

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Potential Funding Resources in Kaukauna

Part of our promise to our students is to direct them to any and all financial assistance programs so they can receive our training for the lowest possible cost. We believe money should not be a barrier between you and the next step in your career, so we’ve compiled a list of resources for them to find programs they qualify for. Learn more about potential funding resources in the Kaukauna area.

CNA Job Openings in Kaukauna

Our goal is to not only help students obtain their CNA Certification, but to also find employment after completing our class. Use our CNA Careers page to help you find employment in the Kaukauna area.

The Quality CNA Training staff are very caring of all of their students.

It made me feel like I was part of a team. – G.M. Kaukauna Student

My instructors did an outstanding job teaching.

They made the class very enjoyable. – L.A. Kaukauna Student

I really enjoyed this program.

Our class was a lot of fun. – S.P. Kaukauna Student

I had an amazing experience being in this program.

The instructors went above and beyond. – A.C. Kaukauna Student